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Autumn interior design is all about the fiery colours reflecting the changing seasons outside. It’s a fun time to delve into a design makeover, with the bold, confronting colours reinvigorating your interior space and making it cosy for winter.

This season, we’re moving away from the generic autumnal palette (orange, dark brown and cream) to introduce velvety, dreamlike tones. Interior designers are predicting a blend of the masculine and feminine this autumn.

There are plenty of home decorating ideas you can incorporate into your new autumn-themed interior. To guide your own living room revamp, here are some of the biggest interior design trends for this autumn:

Photo credit: Wicker Paradise via Flickr.


Autumnal colours are still in, but they’re not alone this season. Interior designers recommend adding an unexpected dash of colour.

This could be a blush of pink, lilac or indigo (such as in this orcein purple Elisa Armchair) mixed with grey – a popular colour scheme this season.

Alternatively, you could create splashes of bolder colours to reflect the deeper hues of autumn: burgundy or rust evoke the burnt-orange colour of falling leaves and berries.

These kinds of colour burst works well if you have either neutral background colours or neutral standout features. Creams and mustard yellows work well as soft, faded tones. But don’t busy your living room with too many colour burst features – keep them minimal and therefore eye-catching.

One of the easiest and most stunning ways to add colour to your décor is to create an accent wall that accentuates a particular autumnal colour –most paint lines feature an autumn range when the season hits to make it easy for you to scope out the right colour palette.


In today’s world, everything is sleek and slim lined. When it comes to home décor and design, you want to escape the impersonal feel of an iPhone 6. And so the biggest trend in we’re seeing in autumnal textures is getting back to the rough rawness of nature.

Furniture and décor with distressed surfaces – the very opposite of smooth and flawless – are what you want to look out for. When you’re looking at any home décor – be it an ornament or furniture – keep an eye out for items that are particularly tactile. Brushstroke, rough bark, hammered metal, woven tapestry and shagreen surfaces are just a few examples.


Changing your entire interior every season can hard, but rotating some statement pieces and décor is a good way to effect autumn trends without stripping down the wallpaper and starting again.

Choose natural materials – bamboo, exposed timber, wicker, and slate – or a piece with a lightly tarnished or hand distressed lacquer such as this Rochefort Vintage Cabinet.

With factory-made, ready-to-assemble furniture increasingly common these days, interior designers are looking for more one-of-a-kind pieces that will add that something unique to your living room. Vintage furniture – such as this oak Chamond  Dining Table with its lux pedestal base is – hitting back with a vengeance.


Autumn 2015 décor combines vintage with the modern for an eclectic look. Contrast is the word of the day: blending textures, colours and patterns creates a wholesome image that will readily add character and personality to your home.

Think about floral arrangements – the earthy colours of dried flowers works well in autumn – as well as ethnic rugs or throws, cushions, and translucent, airy curtains.

Hear the rustle of leaves and feel the fresh breeze? Autumn is on its way. Do you need any more excuse for an interior makeover?

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