Trends in Modern Coffee Table Designs

Choosing the right coffee table for your lounge room can be an art. Its position in the centre of your room (not to mention its consistent use) will draw attention to it. So you’ll want it to be a stunning and stylish statement.

But you don’t want it to steal all the attention in your room. It should blend in with your existing décor and not obstruct or detract attention from the other details in your room.

Just as with any other aspect of interior design, coffee tables cycle through specific design details. Here are some of the trending features of the modern coffee table for this year:

A lower aspect offering greater minimalism

If you look in any interior design blog online, you will see that popular modern coffee tables this year are low to the ground.

A lower profile enhances the simplicity of your coffee table and means it won’t upstage your other furniture or décor.

It’s also practical: you can rest your mug, box of tissues, bowls of snacks, and even feet (if you must) on it without obstructing your view of the television or your other guests.

This Claes coffee table below is a classic example of the lower height, sitting just 45 centimetres off the ground.

Clean, simple designs

Minimalism is in. We’ve already said it with dining chair trends. But the same goes for the modern coffee table.

Today you’ll find coffee table designs going back to basics, with simple colours, raw materials and understated features.

Sculptured lines remain popular – whether you’re looking for carved legs or curvy edges. These shapely lines give your coffee table the impression of depth and movement.

Do we even need to mention how much more child-friendly smoothed edges are.

Functionality is still key

A coffee table doesn’t just need to support your mug of tea; you can double its functionality with a storage option.

Many modern coffee tables come with a lower bookshelf or sizeable drawers to help your hide away your lounge room clutter.

This functional feature of the coffee table isn’t new by any means, but it’s as popular as ever.

You can see how this Maison Storage Coffee Table below combines elegant design with functionality. Its large drawer capacity enables you to keep those lounge room essentials close at hand but tucked away from view.

Traditionalism remains

Many aspects of the coffee table have changed over the decades, but one component remains steadfast: its shape.

In recent years, we’ve certainly seen designers become more experimental in coffee table designs, with plenty of eclectic results.

But most modern consumers are still looking first and foremost for practicality and efficiency in their lounge room table.

The rectangle coffee table has been tried and tested and has received its seal of approval. And despite plenty of new coffee table shapes emerging over the years, the rectangle has never surrendered its top spot as the most popular shape.

If you’re looking for more interior décor inspiration, make sure you check out our Brosa Skapa blog.

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