When Eclecticism Meets Minimalism

When two successful creative come together to design their home without outside help, our ears prick up at Brosa. Meet Erika Garaerts and Charl Laubscher’s new Loft in Collingwood, Victoria.

Erika is the co-founder and copywriter at Willow and Blake, the creative backbone of brands such as “frank” and the recently revamped Greywing website. Charl is the co-owner and director of digital agency Love + Money.

The canvas behind this creation is an industrialist’s delight. An open plan Warehouse with high ceilings, exposed beams and Baltic pine floorboards. For the design traditionalists, this is where the fantasy ends. All conventional philosophies go out the window at this point, and it works masterfully!

In true minimalist style, the highflying couples have decorated their space with nothing but the things that make them happy. Keepsakes and vintage finds punctuate their apartment with the guidance only of their instinct and creativity. Where possible, materials are repurposed in the space, the living room table has been created with the frame of a table, topped with an old shower door. According to Garaerts, the couple love to have “awkward dinner parties”, whereby the couple invites four to ten friends over who are complete strangers. The mismatched chairs matchup with each individual at the table, “It’s usually small talk at the beginning, but it’s a great way to meet new people and everyone leaves with a new friend”.

Still evolving, the creative pair’s apartment is still under construction. Geraerts and Laubscher are still readjusting their layout and searching for the perfect lounge room pieces. “I’m still searching for the right sofa, I’m coveting a gold-velvet Danish Piece.

The open plan living plan is as alive as the couple is, creating walls out of bookshelves and wardrobe units which are dynamically changing with the couple’s moods to open up and spaces to match the couple’s moods. Ceiling high windows flood the living room with light, which are filtered by an array of nursery finds including maidenhair ferns and a fiddle leaf fig tree, which impart a calming effect on the living space.

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