9 Best And Unusual Funky Gifts For 2022 India

Gift giving is a wonderful opportunity to give your loved ones something great. The funky gifts can be something you can give your friends to mark some special days. Funky gifts make you feel great and special. These are funky and stylish but at the same time, they are practical. So you can choose something that your loved one likes and get it in a funky way and not traditional.

Best Funky Gifts For 2022 India:

Here are 9 best funky gifts, let’s try out these great options from this list.

1. Funky Bottle Opener:

Try out this super cool funky gift for men. This is a bottle opener but a very quirky one indeed. The styles and patterns on the bottle opener are very eccentric and could be colorful too. It’s a very stylish product that can be handled well.

2. Guitar Shaped Keys:

There are some very unusual gifts that you can gift to your musician friends. Like this guitar shaped keys, you will find many other music themed gifts too. Find several themes from funky gifts India offers online too.

3. Eco Lamp:

Find this wonderful eco funky gift for him that will surprise him. This corner lamp is covered with eco friendly paper that is printed with famous Tamil stars. So go ahead and bring a smile to your friends’ face with this.

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4. Umbrella Wall Décor:

Among the many funky gift ideas is this cool umbrella wall décor. It is hooks in the shape of umbrellas that can hold things in it or things can be hung from it. So get a bunch of these in various colours and fill up your study wall. You can gift this gift to your hostelled college friends also, they will surely love this because they have a more small stuffs.

5. Funky Kettle Set:

Check out this colourful and quirky funky gift for friends. The kettle set is an old-fashioned tea kettle with two tumblers. The designs are very traditional mixed with an abstract. This set is best for gifting people to their new homes too. If you plan for outing then take this kettle set to arrange evening tea meet up, get this one for your collection too.

6. Indian Cushion:

Here is a funky gift for her idea that is perfect as it is something for the home. This Indian themed unusual cushion cover is filled with designs of India. You can buy a single cushion or a pair as this looks eclectic. You will get personalized theme as per your choice too, this one is a creative gift too.

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7. Whiskey Key Chain:

Another cool and funky gift for men is this whiskey keychain. The key chain is in the form of a whiskey bottle. Men will love this gift and the quirkiness in it. The tiny bottle makes a good buy for men. Pack this gift for your best friend who loves to try whiskey on his celebration time.

8. Guitar Wallet:

All boys love to play the guitar. This funky gift for boys will surely make them happy. This particular wallet has a little slot to keep the guitar pluck. The pluck is small enough to get lost in other wallets, so this is the perfect gift to give a guitar player.

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9. Christmas Socks:

Here is a cool set of funky Christmas gift socks for boys or men. The set has 12 pairs of socks which are all themed on Christmas. The colours used are red, green, white and blue. You will get this gift from combo section while you plan for shopping, get this packs to make a smile on your friend face.

Funky gifts are unusual gifts that can be given to friends and relatives. Choose things like key chains, mugs, cushions, etc.

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