How Many Pillows Should You Sleep With?

Sleeping is one of the underlying factors for a healthy body and a stress-free life. Therefore, you should invest in it no matter the expense and that includes getting enough sleep, 7-9 hours as well as having the right beddings and sleeping environment.

It is important you invest in quality pillows for an enjoyable sleep. Besides, the best and right pillows often allow you to have uninterrupted sleep sessions, by limiting constant tosses and turns.

You just have to know or be in tune with your sleeping posture, in order to choose the right kind of pillow. Besides, you only need one pillow for your head area.

However, different sleeping positions often require more than one pillow, which will be positioned at different angles in your body. It all depends on whether you are a side-sleeper, back sleeper or a stomach sleeper. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that your head requires only one pillow for maximum better sleep.

Moreover, you should only place your neck and head on the pillow, never your shoulders. This will ensure your entire upper region is well protected and stabilized.

The Benefits of a Good Pillow

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A good pillow can stabilize your head region for a comfortable uninterrupted sleep. Here are some few benefits of having the perfect pillow for your body as well as sleeping posture.

Tips for Effective Pillow Use

Pillow arrangements during sleep hours often help with proper sleep as well as effective pillow use. If you just put then anyhow then your chance of enjoying a good night sleep will reduce to zero.

Here is a look at how effective pillow arrangement can maximize your sleeping efforts and enable you to wake up energized and pain-free.

Choosing the Right Pillow for Different Kinds of Sleeping Positions

Apart from the head pillow, you should always try to accommodate other pillows on your bed, depending on your sleeping posture. Here is a look at how different sleeper can maximize in uninterrupted sleep with these pillow arrangement techniques.

Side Sleepers

A side-sleeper often needs an extra pillow stuck in between the knees for added support. Moreover, you should pull your knees slightly toward your chest and ensure the pillow between your legs is firm and comfortable. Your head should have only one quality pillow, preferably one made from memory foam.

The reason for the pillow is to prevent the leg on top of the other from pulling your out of your proper spine alignment. This often relieves any form of body stress, especially in your hip region and lower back area.

Besides, you should always sleep on your left side, to enhance breathability and blood circulation.

Back Sleepers

When it comes to sleeping on your back, you should have one pillow under your head and another one under your knees. This is to ensure your natural back curvature is aligned properly. Without the knee pillow, this curvature will be thrown off and your body will feel unbalanced.

The pillow also helps in reducing the stress level in the different parts of your body.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach is not always recommendable as it inhibits proper breathing. However, if you have been sleeping comfortably on your stomach for a long time then you can add one more pillow between your stomach and pelvic region. This will help your spine stay the course and have a proper alignment.

Generally, sleeping on your stomach can put some stress on your spine and your entire back area, thereby pulling it out of place. Therefore, to prevent this you should have a thin pillow under your head and stomach/pelvis area.

Additional Information

You can always do away with a head pillow or any other pillow for that matter. This is because theoretically when you walk your body is in a vertical position and your neck and spine are aligned properly together. This is the same position you will be when you lie down on the bed. Therefore, you can achieve a proper spine alignment without a pillow, depending on your sleeping posture.

Nevertheless, comfort is essential. Therefore, if you are comfortable with a pillow under your head, go for it and if you want to sleep pillow-less you should do so, as long as you are comfortable.

Besides, everything about sleeping often varies from individual to individual as some have a disproportionate walking and standing posture while others have an upright. Besides, most people have pain issues with their back, neck and shoulder region. So settle for what works for you.

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