How to Wash Feather Pillows?

Feather pillows are usually the most luxurious, plushy and soft pillows in the market but they can flatten out, become musty with constant use, and zero maintenance. Therefore, it is your duty to maintain it by washing it as required by the manufacturer.

You can wash feather pillows once in a year. Otherwise, you will be creating a room for bacteria, dust mites, and other allergies to thrive, giving you daily sleep complications.

Here is how you can wash feather pillows and dry it.

How to Wash Feather Pillows?

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When it comes to the basics of how to wash feather pillows, you must take care and read the specific labels of the pillows before starting to clean it.

Here is how you can proceed when you want to wash feather pillows.

How to Dry the Feather Pillows?


Conclusively, you will have to wash feather pillows as often as you can. Sometimes it can start to smell even before the manufacturers stipulated period. Nevertheless, you will have no issues if you follow these steps one by one to the latter.

Remember, a fresh clean pillow gives you better sleep, with easier breathability and zero chances of allergies or annoying and uncomfortable tosses and turns throughout the night. So keep it clean, as much as you can.

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